Coffee B logo and package design

Coffe B is a family owned hungarian coffee roasting plant located in Százhalombatta. They produce high quality gourmet coffe for real enthusiasts, and to everybody who would like to drink genuinely great coffee.
Regarding the design, we first started out with raw shapes, and simple colors printed on easy to produce stickers, with just a few colors. Thanks to the interest in the company’s product, they are now able to produce a higher quantity, and it allowed us to do a more ellaborate design.

The emblem

The lette B gave the basis of the design. It represents all that makes up this small manufacture; Bóta & Berta (names of the founders) Batta (short for Százhalombatta), Bike (it was an aim from the beginning to make this brand into one of the first bicycle community related coffee companies) or bean as in coffee bean that is the raw material of the product.

The product

The main task was to come up with a package that represents the company, and the product. They needed to look uniform, but also customers should be able to distinguish easily between the different types of coffee.

The newest product is a special blend made in cooperation with one of the best hungarian mountain cyclists András Parti. The product is called Koffein Parti and came out with a collectible sticker set.