On this page you may find some examples for my work at my current job. These are integrated into a frame system that interlocks with the universitys’. After we get the manuscript, our team starts to modify and edit it into our frame. Basicly we evolve it into an e-learning subject that contains more advanced media objects, such as animations, online tests, digital carousels, graphics with popup information, and so on. It is a very interesting process and has a complex output, so let me just show my part in it.

(All of this material is property of Apertus Nonprofit Kft.)

These following images are part of a series of animation videos, that I created all the graphical elements for.

This next piece is a dasboard, a main menu, of a learning object. It represents the story that goes through the whole course, and all the stations represent a chapter. The student can navigate between the chapters, by clicking them.


These graphical elements are part of a learning object, where we had to use an assistant, a host, who narrates the whole course.

Another dashboard.

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This course is about Information Security. We had to tell and illustrate some stories about a few digital security breaches, so peaople may pay more attention about the topic.

This dashboard is for a course about Criminal Law. It has a story that I told as a comic strip, and I have also integrated it into the dashboard’s apperance.

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