My name is Marton Létai, I am a hungarian illustrator, and this is my portfolio site. Here you may find all the type of work that I like and do. Currently I work at an e-learning company as a graphic designer. I create and develop all kinds of graphical elements a learning object might require. My work here includes illustrations, info graphics, creating layouts for mini sites, whiteboard animations, or putting together presentations and all kinds of other interesting pieces that helps to put together an enjoyable, and informative online course.
In my spare time I like to do freelance projects, such as childrens book illustrations, book covers, even product design and art challanges like Inktober or A 100 Days of Sketching.
I love my work, since it is also my hobby, my passion. I belive that if I would spend the time working on something, it is only worth doing with precision and enjoyment. This is why I always try to find some angle of the project that personally interests me, so I would give it my best shot! I constantly try to improve my skills to be better at my craft, so my final products would not only satisfy the client, but me as well.

Thanks for stepping by, and checking out my projects!

Have a good one!